An Island for Monkeys



Fiction, black & white and color, super 16mm, 29 minutes, 2004

Four men find themselves on an abandoned island. One of them, a young man, believes that his long lost japanese mother can be found on this island. One day, he sees his mother running across a beach and immediately sets off to find her. The other men followed him curiously, intrigued by the youth’s “vision”. Unbeknownst to the men, their quest for the lost japanese woman becomes a journey of hope and despair, where the men will chase after an impossible dream and fight their demons from the past.

Butterfly Boy: Tatsuki Takino
Wiley: Robert Bennett
Cordova: Samir Boitard
Socrates: Nigel Hollidge
Japanese woman Megumi Nishiwaki
Girl with curly hair
: Stéphanie Canellis
Man with shaved head: Nicolas Bleuse
Men in white coats: Nicolas Bouvet & Matthieu-David Cournot
Boat driver: Denis Marot

TECHNICAL TEAM : Directed by: Diana Lui
Screenplay by: Diana Lui
Based on an original story by: Louise Crankshaw & Diana Lui
Produced by: Diana Lui & La Correporation
Director of Photography: Julien Duchesne assisted by: Marion Koch
Sound engineer: Sébastien Pierre assisted by: Nicolas Bouvet
Assistant director: Leonora Rodkin
Script girl: Quitterie Bienvenu
Picture & Sound edited by: Patricia Corre
Production Assistant: Catherine Zoummeroff
Best boy: Matthieu-David Cournot & Nicolas Bleuse
Make up & Costume: Diana Lui
Set photographers: Alexis Komenda & Franck Tetu
Animal Trainer: Jean Luc Binaut
Screenplay translated to french: Vincent Noce
Subtitles: Patricia Corre & Diana Lui assisted by: Fleur Touchard
Sound mixing: Sébastien Pierre assisted by: Mathieu Chatagnon
Original score: Cali Sassy
Music “At the Rocky Beach”: Peter von Poehl
Video master tape: Patricia Corre
Sound Dubbing studio: SIS
Editing Facilities: La Correporation
Special thanks to: Kodak / Maison du Film Court / Bogard / Laboratoire Neyrac / ABK6 / Cininter / Tapages / Mairie Ile de Bréhat / La Femis / Monsieur et Madame Marot / Isabelle Aubron / Sébastien Lepeu / Eric Boudet
and a very special thanks to: Michel Cloes

Quatre personnages, disjonctés, se trouvent sur une île oubliée. Un d'eux ne cesse pas de chercher après sa maman japonaise sur cette île. Un jour, il voit sa maman courir sur la plage et il se met en quête de la trouver. Il entraîne les autres personnages dans son univers. La quête révélera les "dèmons" de chacun.

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